Privacy Policy

We value privacy and safety. And our readers’ privacy is by far the most important thing to us. Reason why here at Farm Fresh Grill we follow important and also fundamental guidelines and principles to keep our users’ privacy safe. We also follow a strict code of ethics that’s taught to new staff member that join Farm Fresh Grill’s team:

  • Here at Farm Fresh Grill we’ll never ask for personal information of any kind, unless it is necessary or required by the law. (We don’t like companies, services, and websites that ask for personal information such as your home address, phone numbers, and emails without any particular or justifiable reason.)
  • If you ever share your personal information with us, rest assured we won’t share it with anyone unless it’s absolutely necessary to comply with requirements of the law, or if we need to use it to protect our rights or to protect the rights of our website and maybe even our company. Here at Farm Fresh Grill we only offer free information that can be accessed by anyone that has an internet connection, a web browser, or a mobile device with internet access. We don’t make or sell products, which means that apart from not asking for your personal information, we will never try to sell you anything, ever.
  • You should also know that we don’t store personal information on our site servers unless it’s required for the operation of Farm Fresh Grill’s website.

Farm Fresh Grill was created and is operated by a well known media company that develops informational websites. Most of the websites on our portfolio focus on creating delicious food content that keeps our readers wanting to come back for more. Our policy is simple: respect the privacy of our users and daily visitors regarding any information we may collect while operating the site.